Training certificate courses in REBT & SST (both local and international) for psychology students and professionals, psychiatrists and allied mental health workers. In addition to this, various workshops are conducted for professionals, beginners and lay people on application of REBT to specific topics and issues. 

Professional Training Certificate courses in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT)

  • Intensive Certificate training program in REBT

The aim of this professional course of 30 hrs is an introduction to basic principles of REBT in theory. Along with the main tenets of REBT, cognitive, emotive and behavioural techniques used by REBT are also covered. The Advance part looks at in depth learning of Assessment & Intervention techniques. Emphasis is given to identifying self-disturbing through homework assignments and also practicing being in the counsellor’s seat in the peer counseling sessions. It takes a closer look at how REBT perceives and tackles emotional disturbances such as anxiety, anger, depression etc. and other common problem areas such as addictions, marital problems and behavioural problems in children thus aiming to prepare the participants to work with a wide variety of clients.

  • Primary & Advanced Practicum in REBT (certification from Albert Ellis Institute, New York)

This is a certification provided by the Albert Ellis Institute, New York. In Vivo conducts this practicum once in a year as per AEI guidelines. The aim of this training is to provide an extensive and higher-level training in REBT as well as certify participants in the REBT internationally. The topics covered provide understanding and application of principles and practice of REBT, demonstration of REBT, Cognitive-behavioural strategies & intervention skills, REBT conceptualization of emotion, learning from errors, overcoming client resistance, and application to relationship issues.

  • Certificate Training in Application of REBT to Children

The aim of this professional certificate course of 20 hrs is to help teachers, counsellors and others working with children, gain understanding of principles of REBT in theory and practice how these can be used for the benefit of children. Along with the main tenets of REBT, concepts and activities based on Rational Emotive Education are also covered in detail. High emphasis is given to practicing how to convey healthy mental and emotional health concepts to children for holistic growth and development.

Professional Training Certificate program in Single-Session Therapy (SST)

  • Primary Practicum in Single-Session Therapy (Certification by In Vivo-Centre for SST)

Workshops on

  • REBT Application-based: OCD / PTSD / Depression / Personality Disorders

The aim of these workshops is to help professionals apply the principles of REBT to specific problems and conditions. These workshops cover in detail the conceptualisation of the problem, identification of the underlying inferential themes and irrational beliefs, treatment recommendations and specific considerations.

  • Series on Core Counseling Skills & Techniques:

The aim of this comprehensive workshop series is to help professionals practice the core important skills which are must for a therapeutic relationship to work effectively and efficiently. This series of 4 sessions cover topics of building therapeutic alliance, Goal setting, counseling techniques such as feedback, confrontation, structuring, questioning the clients and so on. The sessions are a balanced combination of theory sessions and practical application.

Self Help Workshops

These workshops are aimed at teaching participants to use REBT principles and techniques to consistently keep dealing with their day-to-day disturbances and learn a healthier, proactive way of problem solving and living life. Also participating in a group discussion of such kind helps participants shed their inhibitions about talking about their problems and motivates them to take effective charge of their lives.

Various specific modules on areas such as Anger Management, Setting & holding boundaries, Dealing with Frustration, Creative problem solving, Coping with Loss, Handling job pressures etc. are undertaken with the aim of maximizing personalized benefit for each participant.

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Yes, it will. The course is designed in such a way that theory and application of REBT is interwoven. After every theoretical concept is taught, supervised client counselor sessions amongst the participants are conducted to give practice in its application.

  1. REBT works very well with all the Neurotic disorders and other emotional disturbances regarding day-to-day life. REBT is best used with “psychotic disorders” when they are in remission i.e. when they have dealt with their active psychotic symptoms with medicines. At that stage, REBT can help them deal with their emotional disturbances about their psychological condition.

Psychology students and professionals, psychiatrists and allied mental health workers or other degreed helping professionals are eligible to do this course.

  1. Yes, REBT works very well with children. Work with children is done taking a preventive interventionist approach as the aim is to provide children with the right psychological foundation at an early age, so that they grow up to be healthier functioning adults capable of facing challenges effectively and striving to lead happy lives’ in spite of the difficulties and uncertainties that come across.