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Explore the types of REBT Trainings

We provide training in REBT, which is an evidence-based therapy and SST for psychology students, psychiatrists, professionals,  and allied mental health workers. Our sessions are for local and international students alike. We offer an international certification training in REBT in association with the Albert Ellis Institute, New York. We also conduct various workshops for professionals, beginners and lay people on REBT applications to deal with various mental health issues.

Professional Certificate Trainings in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy

  • A 22-hour in-depth training of the principles of REBT
  • An overview of cognitive, emotive and behavioural techniques
  • Advanced techniques in Assessment & Intervention
  • Skills in identifying and modifying/managing self-defeating thoughts
  • Practice in peer counseling sessions
  • Certificate by In Vivo- 'The only preferred partner' of Albert Ellis Institute in India.
  • Understanding in the principles and applicatios of REBT
  • Understanding of REBT’s conceptualization of emotion and learning from errors
  • Understanding of how to overcome client resistance
  • A demonstration of REBT
  • Cognitive-behavioral strategies & intervention
  • An internationally recognised certification from the Albert Ellis Institute, New York
  • An understanding of principles of tenets of REBT.

  • Application of Rational emotional eduation program towards preventing mental health issues.
  • A certification for counselors and others working with children.

  • An overview of the principles and practice of SST and demonstration

  • Understanding the context of SST and making agreements with the client 

  • Setting-up and getting the most out of the session

  • Assessment and intervention skills & strategies

Professional Training Certificate in Single-Session Therapy (SST)

REBT Application-based workshops

  • Apply principles of REBT to specific problems and conditions
  • Detail conceptualisation of the problem
  • Identification of the underlying inferential themes and irrational beliefs
  • Treatment recommendations and specific considerations.

Upcoming REBT Training

Intensive training certificate in REBT 2024 (Hybrid)

Intensive training certificate in REBT 2024 (Hybrid)

Intensive Training Certificate course in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy By In Vivo- Mumbai Centre for REBT 2024 (Offline & Online) Total Hours: 22 hours

International Primary Certificate Practicum in Single-Session Therapy (SST)

International Primary Certificate Practicum in Single-Session Therapy (SST)

Supervision for 2 Peer counseling sessions by Swati Khanolkar, REBT’s application to various disturbances/problems, Identifying & addressing blocks in your practice of REBT

AEI’s Primary & Advanced Practicum in REBT (2024)

AEI’s Primary & Advanced Practicum in REBT (2024)

Albert Ellis Institute’s Primary & Advanced Practicum in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) by In Vivo-Mumbai Centre for REBT. International REBT Certification

Flexibility, tolerance & acceptance is at the core of REBT

“If you haven’t made any mistakes lately, you’re either dead or playing things extraordinarily safe.”

-Windy Dryden


Will this REBT course give me practical training in application of REBT with clients?

Yes, it will. The course is designed in such a way that theory and application of REBT is interwoven. After every theoretical concept is taught, supervised client counselor sessions amongst the participants are conducted to give practice in its application.

Can REBT be used with more severe psychological disorders?

REBT works very well with all the Neurotic disorders and other emotional disturbances regarding day-to-day life. REBT is best used with “psychotic disorders” when they are in remission i.e. when they have dealt with their active psychotic symptoms with medicines. At that stage, REBT can help them deal with their emotional disturbances about their psychological condition.

Who can sign up for this REBT training programs?

Psychology students and professionals, psychiatrists and allied mental health workers or other degreed helping professionals are eligible to do this course.

4. Can REBT be used with children?

Yes, REBT works very well with children. Work with children is done taking a preventive interventionist approach as the aim is to provide children with the right psychological foundation at an early age, so that they grow up to be healthier functioning adults capable of facing challenges effectively and striving to lead happy lives’ in spite of the difficulties and uncertainties that come across.