The need to invest in employee mental health and professional skill development?


The business environment today is becoming increasingly volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous. It can be challenging for employees to keep pace with the demands of these changing times. Stressors on a personal level can further compound the difficulty in performing optimally. Mental health concerns at the workplace, today, are also on the rise. The World Health Organization estimates that India will suffer economic losses amounting to 1.03 trillion dollars from mental health concerns of employees between 2012 and 2030.

It is, therefore, crucial for employees, today, to feel supported and cared for by their organization and be a part of a culture that values both emotional wellbeing and professional development.


Our Programs

We offer a comprehensive program that focuses on both mental health and skill development. A program aimed not only at helping employees resolve personal problems and professional issues that maybe affecting their performance at work, but also at guiding them from one level of competency to the next, towards improved functioning, engagement and productivity.

We are aware that with the demands of the roles at different levels there are different needs and challenges that employees face. This may require interventions and training-based work. Therefore, we customize and offer group & individual workshops and sessions to meet these dynamic requirements.


Emotional Mental Health: It is important to address emotional & behavioral difficulties that may block the performance of employees or execution of their skills. These difficulties may arise from internal as well external factors at the workplace as well as from personal life. Therefore, we offer interventions at a group & individual level for the following issues.

o          Anxiety

o          Anger

o          Depression

o          Grief & trauma

o          Stress management

o          Conflict management

o          Relationship issues

o          Procrastination

o          Dealing with frustration

o          Dealing with change

o          Understanding and managing emotions/emotional intelligence


Professional skill development: We also offer a range of workshops to help employees develop their skills and capabilities to meet the needs of their role within the organisation.

Needs & challenges at different levels in the organization:


Early executives (Key need: Transitioning effectively into new role)


o          Managing transition to a corporate environment

o          Planning & prioritizing

o          Communication skills

o          Working in teams

o          Taking & implementing feedback


Middle management (Key need: Transitioning to a managerial role)


o          Managing people and teams

o          Balancing task and people orientation and delegation

o          Building influence and developing effective networks

o          Effective decision making

o          Creative thinking & problem solving

o          Conflict management

o          Giving feedback & having difficult conversations

o          Being aware of your own strengths & weaknesses


Senior Management (Key need: Transitioning to become an effective leader):


o          Developing leadership mind-set and behaviors

o          Mentoring and coaching

o          Strategic thinking / risk taking / building alignment


Some common areas of skill development across levels:


o          Time & work management

o          Assertiveness

o          Self-esteem/self confidence

o          Team work

o          Performance improvement

o          Interpersonal / Social skills

o          Work-life balance

o          Building & sustaining healthy relationships

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We work with corporations to offer comprehensive solutions that focus on both:

  • Helping employees identify and resolve personal problems and professional issues that may be affecting their performance at work in a confidential setting.
  • Guiding them from one level of competency to the next, towards improved functioning, engagement and

Yes, we practice confidentiality in counselling sessions with employees. Any data that is shared with employers is done so at an overall organisation level only. 

Although employees may bring up any problems that are impacting them personally or professionally, some of the most common problems include:

- Problems with a supervisor or co-worker
- Depression or anxiety
- Grief and bereavement
- Family, marriage and other relationship issues
- Difficulty coping with stress

- Dealing with addiction

- Parenting related issues

Based on organizational needs & resources, we offer:

  • Long term program of a certain number of group sessions with an ongoing facility of multiple individual sessions per employee offered for a certain duration
  • Single-Session based program: A short term program with group work followed by individual need-based sessions. The individual need based sessions follow a single session format where the counselor addresses an employee’s most pressing problem and helps work out a solution in a single session. 

At an individual level, while some concerns may be easily addressed in a single session, other issues that are more complicated or longstanding, may need multiple sessions.