When love feels overwhelming : Know how to manage relationship anxiety

“Anxiety affects over 74% of the Indian population”

Recognizing Your Own Implicit Bias: Steps to Overcoming Prejudice

Sadly, implicit biases can become barriers in relationships and personal equations, causing damage in their wake…

3 simple ways to calm down your anxiety

You may even have experienced faster breathing, restlessness, dizziness, and rapid or irregular heartbeat. All these are signs of anxiety…

Depression: A misunderstood and loosely used term

“I am feeling very depressed.” “Rains make the day so dull and depressing.” ‘“My friend is depressed about getting scolded by her parents.” How often do we or hear others say this? Ever wondered what the terms “depressed” or “depressive” really mean? Depression- using the word wisely Depression, as a mental health condition, is greatly… Continue reading Depression: A misunderstood and loosely used term